Go Fight Fantastic!

Introducing our game:

We're currently in development of our next game “Go Fight Fantastic!”, a gorgeous 3-player action-rpg with heavy focus on teamwork and co-operation. The game features an overhead isometric camera, lush hand drawn environments and three completely unique characters. Play as the Tank, Striker or Healer over the Internet or with friends at home (couch co-op) when the game is released on Steam in Spring 2020.

The game features several difficulty levels, soul crushing challenges as well as an intense Horde Mode.
Exploring for fallen meteorites, allows the players to customize how each character play from session to session.
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Art style & Tech.

Behind theScenes

The game is being developed in Unity using a custom 2D-/3D-hybrid technique. The game may look like amazing 2D but our customized pipeline allows us to freely mix with 3D meshes, advanced particle systems, pathfinding, collision detection and much more!

The art style is influenced by both anime and Disney while the gameplay targets more experienced players looking for a real challenge.

as we make the game

Follow the development 

Thank you for your interest in our game!
We believe in a transparent development process and love to get feedback from our community as we publish content along the way.

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